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CAD+: AutoCAD Exchange Gets a Facelift, You Can Help Autodesk ...

AutoCAD Exchange has a new look and we tell you how to have a voice in the CAD products you use.

We think that it was the 1970’s Canadian rock group, Five Man Electric Band, who said it best when they wrote “Change. Change. Everywhere a change. Blocking out …” No wait, that song may have been called “Signs”. Nevertheless, the sentiment remains that the world, especially the online world, is in constant flux. Well that and people with long hair are still sometimes called hippies. Not that one has anything to do with the other.

However, on the topic of change, here at Kung Fu Drafter we never fail to be amazed at the dizzying speed at which the internet moves. What was new today is old tomorrow. Of course, that is true in general, but on the internet today is more like 24 seconds than 24 hours. So it is never surprising when we see some of our favorite CAD related websites get a facelift.

Today we are proud to be among the first blogs to let our readers know that the AutoCAD Exchange website is getting a major facelift!

Beginning later today, visitors will be treated to a newly redesigned AutoCAD Exchange designed to provide a superior user experience. As you can see from the above “before and after” images, the difference is nearly night and day. In a good way, of course.

Here at Kung Fu Drafter we are not just CAD professionals who like to hear ourselves talk. Don’t get us wrong, we do like to hear ourselves talk. We’re bloggers, but we have so many other interests. Among those is web design and usability. Therefore, you can imagine how excited we are when we see large corporations with important education / community portals consider the user experience. That is precisely what Gabrielle Friedly and her team at Autodesk have done. Friedly and her team took user feedback and survey information into account, along with input from design experts to produce the new layout. We are sure you will agree that they have taken a functional, but somewhat busy design, and produced a site that is easier on the eyes and easier to navigate.

We love the new design and that Autodesk is ready to listen to their user community. In fact, Autodesk is more than “ready” to listen, they are asking for feedback! By participating in Autodesk’s user surveys and studies, you get direct input to the decision makers who are shaping the products we use every day. If you would like to be able to contribute to changes in the Autodesk user experience then there are opportunities waiting for you now.

Autodesk’s senior research specialist, Elena Fadeeva, Ph.D., is looking for participants for a study to focus on user experiences with the Autodesk migration process. In Autodesk’s own words:

Our Goal
To gain the most complete understanding about problems and requests AutoCAD users may have while migrating their settings and customization from a previous release of AutoCAD.

Who Should Participate?
We are looking for individual contributors or CAD managers with small number of seats (less than 5- either standalone or multi-seat standalone) with unsatisfying experience using Migration tool to migrate settings from a previous version of AutoCAD.

How the Study will be Conducted?
We will schedule ~1 h interview session with you (remotely) and discuss your experience with migration, results you expected, outcome you’ve got.

We are planning research between May 27 and June 2, 2010.

How To Sign Up?
Please submit qualification data and indicate your availability here.

Here at Kung Fu Drafter we think that our readers are going to be very excited at the prospect of voicing their opinion in this and other aspects of CAD development. So be sure to click on the link and let Elena know you are ready to have your voice heard! Who knows, you may see your input or suggestions appear in the next iteration of a product / process. Trust us, that kind of affirmation lets you know your kung fu is strong …

- KFD -

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