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5to1: Reflecting on Geek ...


Geek tshirtSince the first day that Kung Fu Drafter went live, we've never been shy about the fact that we are geeks. In fact we not only own up to the fact, we celebrate our geeky nature. Now we that we are two and a half years down the blogging lane we've stopped to reflect on all of this. What will the future bring for Kung Fu Drafter? In what new and nutty ways will we find to get our geek on? Who knows?

Cosplay geekWhat started all of this was an opportunity to bring a new element to the blog that we at first we thought were not at all for Kung Fu Drafter. However, the more we pondered whether these articles fit in with us; we began to wonder, "What the hell is being a geek all about"? Oh sure, on the surface it may seem simple. Games. Gadgets. Lego blocks. Felicia Day. Dr. Who. All of that falls under the heading, but what does it REALLY mean?

Well after a good amount of soul search our geekier inclinations we determined that the truth of geekieness lays in the intricacy of the topic. The niche interests that the general population is oblivious to. The purchase of accessories. All of this meant geek because to us everything is geek. Techie, Foodie, Trekkie, Hipster it doesn't matter. You are one of us and we are one of you. Maybe for the first time in history the majority of the population is part of the fringe culture in a massive way. That is why we may have a new announcement soon. Something you never saw coming. Maybe. But until then tell us, what does "geek" means to you ...

- KFD -

Image credits: Pablo Ruiz Muzquiz, Luis Eduardo Catenacci, and Will Merydith.

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