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OpEd: Tech Snobbery? Is It Our Problem or Theirs …


It’s a story that our readers probably know all too well. We know we’ve had to live it out far too many times. It always goes something like this: The local geek is tapped to go fix someone’s mysterious tech catastrophe. But in reality it is a problem that is easily solved; if you try!

But these people don’t want to try. And they don’t want to learn how to fix it themselves. They just want the local geek to come spread nerd-dust on it and make it work. And should someone try to teach them, the are OFFENDED! “How dare you try to infect me with your geek cooities?!?!” All of this combine to hang the shame of “tech snob” on the poor geeks of the world should they show any irritation at being treated like a tech magic wand!

Our editor put his head together with CAD-a-Blog’s Brian Benton to examine this matter and discover who is really to blame for the tech snob debacle. Is it us (the local geeks) or them (the unteched masses)? Click through to find out how these CAD and Geek bloggers feel …

- KFD -

Image credits: Rich Jones and David Nichols.

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