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  • Are You Being Served? The Complete Collection
    starring John Inman, Frank Thornton, Trevor Bannister

    Hillariously classic British humor set in a 1970's department store. It may not be Monty Python, but then again it may just be better.

  • Batman Begins (Widescreen Edition)
    starring Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Ken Watanabe, Liam Neeson, Katie Holmes

    The fantastic reinterpretation of Bob Kane's legendary super crime fighter. Christian Bale is a very believable Batmand and we loved the inclusion of Morgan Freeman as Lucious Fox and Michael Cain as Alfred. And the Tumbler? Forget about it!

  • Ben-Hur
    starring Charlton Heston, Jack Hawkins, Stephen Boyd, Haya Harareet, Hugh Griffith
  • Citizen Kane (Two-Disc Special Edition)
    starring Orson Welles, Joseph Cotten, Agnes Moorehead, Ray Collins, Dorothy Comingore
  • A Clockwork Orange (Two-Disc Special Edition)
    starring Malcolm McDowell, Patrick Magee, Michael Bates, Warren Clarke, John Clive
  • The Dark Knight (Widescreen Single-Disc Edition)
    starring Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Aaron Eckhart, Michael Caine
  • Doctor Who - The Complete Third Series
    starring David Tennant, Freema Agyeman

    If you are a true Geek and you are not watching Dr. Who then you are now a non-person. 

    The modern Dr. Who is a fantastic re-imagining of that holds true to the past series efforts to create more than a TV show. Although the actors do come and go the lineage of the storyline is maintained by writers and fans who truly love the material. 

    Fans of all kinds of sci-fi and fantasy must watch the modern series. It may just get you watching the previous series as well!

  • Enemy at the Gates [Blu-ray]
    starring Jude Law, Ed Harris, Joseph Fiennes, Rachel Weisz, Bob Hoskins

    We've seen so many World War II theme movies over the years that we've just lost count. But Enemy at the Gates is one that definitely stands out. The most unique aspect of this movie is that it looks at WWII from the point of view of the Russian army. Jude Law plays a rural soldier who rises to fame and propaganda use as a celebrity sniper.

    If you have an interest in World War II era films then this is one movie you have to add to your movie watching resume.

  • The Godfather - The Coppola Restoration
  • The Godfather, Part II (Two-Disc Widescreen Edition)
    starring Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Robert Duvall, Diane Keaton, John Cazale

    Probably one of the best movies ever made. The juxtaposition of the two timelines and the progression of the story was masterful.

  • The Hudsucker Proxy
    starring Tim Robbins, Paul Newman, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Charles Durning, John Mahoney

    This goofy movie has to be some of Tim Robbins' best work ever. Playing the part of Norville Barnes, Robbins rises to the head of a ruthless corporation as the dupe of Paul Newman, who is trying to devalue the company. The only problem is that the simple minded Norville Barnes has a runaway hit of an idea. One so big it makes his head swell.

  • Kung Fu Hustle (Axe-Kickin' Edition)
    starring Stephen Chow, Wah Yuen, Qiu Yuen, Shengyi Huang, Xiaogang Feng

    A fantastically humorous story of a low-life aspiring criminal in 1940's era China. Between the criminal element of the notorious Axe Gang and the various super talented Kung Fu masters we love it all. But be sure to get the Chinese sub-titled version. The English voice-over isn't as good.

    We love the music, the characters and the scenery. If you are into Kung Fu movies then you can't miss this Stephen Chow classic.

  • The Manchurian Candidate
    starring Frank Sinatra, Laurence Harvey, Janet Leigh, Angela Lansbury, Henry Silva
  • The Prisoner - Complete Series Megaset (40th Anniversary Edition)
    starring Patrick McGoohan

    The Prisoner is a classic slice of life from the 1960's. Beginning with a plot revolving around a secret organization operating a hidden island where political prisoners are held, the show touches on some social issues of the time. If nothing else the show is worth watching just to see the list of bizarre characters that No. 6 (the protagonist) runs into during his repeated attempts to escape The Village.

    If you like classic television and show like "The Man from Uncle" or "Mission Impossible" then The Prisoner cannot be missed.

  • Red Dwarf Complete Collection (18DVD)
    starring Chris Barrie, Craig Charles, Danny John-Jules, Robert Llewellyn, Norman Lovett
  • The Shawshank Redemption (Single Disc Edition)
    starring Tim Robbins, Morgan Freeman, Bill Bolender, Larry Brandenburg, Brian Brophy
  • Torchwood: Children of Earth
    starring John Barrowman, Eve Myles, Gareth David-Lloyd, Peter Capaldi, Paul Copley
  • Vampire Hunter D
    starring Kaneto Shiozawa, Michael McConnohie, Steve Bulen, Lara Cody, Barbara Goodson
  • Trick 'r Treat [Blu-ray]
    starring Anna Paquin, Brian Cox, Dylan Baker, Rochelle Aytes, Quinn Lord

    Probably one of the smartest "horror" movies we've seen in a long long time. Follow the events of one small town as the events of Halloween play out and intertwine through several individual story lines. Don't let the fact that this was a straight to DVD flick scare you off. This one is worth watching, if you are into horror.

  • Vampire Hunter D - Bloodlust
    starring Hideyuki Tanaka, Ichirô Nagai, Kôichi Yamadera, Megumi Hayashibara, Emi Shinohara
  • Zombieland [Blu-ray]
    starring Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, Woody Harrelson, Abigail Breslin, Amber Heard

    Aren't you just sick and tired of zombie movies, games and books? Well make room for one more. We won't lie and say that Zombieland is a "great" movie, but it is entertaining enough to waste an hour and a half on. There are some funny moments and some ... well really that is about all there is if you don't count the gross out moments.

    If you don't have time to play Left 4 Dead or L4D2 then Zombieland is a reasonable substitute. Well not really but it is fairly ok.